It's 2017 and the time to stop reading hate funding, fear mongering, sexist, racist and degrading media publications like The Sun and the The Daily Mail (to name just a few of the worst offenders) is upon us. I mean, has there ever been a time when media outlets like these were wholesome and worth reading? When the content and stories that publications like these publish were anything but negative? The media which we consume hugely effects our world views, often without us even realising that that's what we're being shaped by. So, in a period when it has never felt so important to be an ally and to open our eyes a little more, now is the time to start changing up the media we consume. Luckily for all of us, there are some absolutely amazing female led publications currently nailing it with online content which is educational, inclusive and interesting. Here are five of my current favourites.

Refinery 29
Refinery 29 sells itself as the go to site for 'smart, creative and stylish women everywhere'. They're a lifestyle site covering everything from body positivity to sex to fashion. They're not afraid to talk about taboo topics and their political thought pieces are always so educational. They offer the spotlight to all types of talented women, no matter their background.

The Debrief
The Debrief is the best place to head for news, style and sex. They're not afraid to mix pop culture with politics and they know exactly how to cater for a woke twenty-something audience in 2017. My favourite thing about The Debrief is that they know that their readers are multi-faceted. We're interested in RuPaul's Drag Race and Missguided's latest pieces, whilst also wanting to find out more about The Gender Recognition act and Trump's possible impeachment. Because 'the things that matter' really does have many different meanings.

The Pool
The Pool is a news site with a difference. It brings together well known female journalists as well as contributors, all posting opinion pieces around the clock. What I love about The Pool is that its pieces are easy to consume. Each has a drop time which is listed on the homepage, so readers know exactly what's coming up, as well as a label letting you know how long it'll take to finish. You can even search the site based on how long you have to read. It's perfect for busy women who want stories on beauty, fashion, books, health, politics and so much more.

The Establishment
In the words of The Establishment, 'the conversation is much better when everyone has a voice'. They want to offer a space for writers of all ethnicities, backgrounds, shapes and sizes to have a platform and make their voices heard. For this reason, their content couldn't be more varied. It offers perspectives from sex workers, trans artists, sufferers of mental illness and so many others. It's an eye opening publication for women and everyone else, who want more variation in opinion pieces.

Everyday Feminism
Last but not least is Everyday Feminism, the well known site aiming to put a stop to 'everyday violence, discrimination and marginalisation' in society. It aims to help people who are discriminated against for any reason, be that their gender, their race, their sexual orientation or their ability. Its thought pieces on racism, sexism and class are consistently thought provoking and educational.


  1. Brilliant! I love all these sites - especially the pool which is my go-to every morning!

    1. Thanks for reading, Rebecca! The Pool is a favourite of mine too!x

  2. This is the blog post I've been needing for a while now! I've been so fed up with the news recently and haven't been sure what to read, or where to get it from, so thank you for the recommendations! I'm off to have a read :) xx